Awards / Nominations
2009 Celluloid Remix contest 2009, Nominated, out 54 contestents with the movie "Kleurwerkers".
2009 Europe Up Close contest 2009, First prize by public, out of 45 contestents with the movie "Samen = Beter".
2000  Hallo© Academy for applied creativity & Concept development, Amsterdam.
1999  European Media Master of Arts, Image Synthesis and Computer Animation. Thesis: Traditional vs. Digital Effects.
1994-1999  HKU Hilversum KMT Image, Media & Technology

2000-2001  inc-21 Junior Art director, advertisement.
1998-1998  Jan Haan Video Editing Post-production, Design, Computer Animation and Visual Effects.

Publication / Workshops
2005  Special Effects workshops for the faculty KMT.
1998  Editing manual, written for the faculty KMT.
1998  training course on Media-100 for ICAT, Costa Rica.
1997  Essay about Special Effects in Video clips for the faculties Knowledge Database.

Computer software
Video: Final-Cut Pro, Premiere, Motion, After Effects, Live Type, Commotion.
Print:  Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign.
on Mac platform